After an individual has lost their license due to alcohol or drug related issues, a substance abuse evaluation is necessary for them to attempt to get their license reinstated.

Lazarusman Consulting, PLLC has trained and knowledgeable experts to assist in the completion of the Substance Abuse Evaluation, which is required by the Secretary of State.

This evaluation requires a qualified counselor to assess the individual and complete the appropriate paperwork, along with administering some type of screening tool and reporting the results. We utilize the Substance Abuse Life Circumstances Evaluation (SALCE) as our preferred tool when completing this process to ensure accuracy.

Additionally, we have the ability to fulfill state requirements by offering a full panel drug screen on-site, which is also mandated by the state and necessary to accompany the evaluation form.

We offer a one-day Alcohol and Highway Safety Class. This class is designed to meet court requirements for individuals who have been mandated to an alcohol education experience for individuals who have incurred an OUIL (Operating Under the Influence of Liquor) or other alcohol related offense.

This one-day comprehensive course covers numerous topics related to the consequences of drinking and driving. Participants also learn the negative implications on their bodies from alcohol and other drug usage.


In addition, learners will gain a better understanding of the process as it relates to addiction, the progression from alcohol use to alcohol abuse and addiction. Participants watch informational DVD’s providing real-life stories related to the tragedies which may occur when people drink and drive. Also, participants gain an increase in awareness of the added legal, social and family complications caused by drinking and driving or alcohol and drug addiction.

Finally, participants leave with a better understanding of the dangers of drinking and driving and are better equipped with information to help them make better decisions in the future.