Your counselor/facilitator is here to help you decrease episodes of domestic violence, anger and aggressive behavior. If you want to get to get the most our of the group, you need to be honest with yourself and deal with the underlying issue that brought you to this group.

This group is not designed to attack you. It is designed to help you. Our goal is to deliver information that will help you prevent future episodes of domestic violence


  • Understand the roles in domestic violence.
  • Help prevent, reduce and eliminate use of power and control.
  • Understand how domestic violence affects children.
  • Know what physical, sexual and verbal/emotional abuse is.
  • To help you manage and control your response to anger.
  • Change perceptions, values, thought management and conditioning.
  • Help reduce the number of negative outbursts.
  • Prevent emotional hijacking.
  • Promote self-awareness, preventative strategies, social skills and personal development.